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The first village in the country called health Sabain Qom province with Dastjerd international tourism area was approved in the cabinet and in between all areas of samples has the highest physical progress. On 11.07.1394 with the presence of Mr. Ali Larijani Head Parliament, Mr. M. Soltanifar Head of Cultural Heritage, handicrafts and Tourism and the provincial authorities, was inaugurated.

Opening of the first phase in the presence of Mr. Ali Larijani images

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Management ofTourist village health resortsSabahas made it possible to you Dear user can put your ad on site. As well as for communication can webmasters via email info@DehkadehSalamat.com or the number of 02535224361-3 and 09122532185 and 09120954900 call to reserve a villa accommodation units.Those interested can joint us with address of Saba health villagechannel http://telegram.me/dehkadesaba and go to address https://www.instagram.com/dehkadesaba to join us on Instagram.